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Coronavirus Update


Friday 27th March 





I can tell from your posts on Class Dojo that most of our families are engaging with the activities that have been set by the teachers. Well done everyone! I hope that everyone is safe and well.

Father John has shared some resources with me that I thought may be useful for some of you. At the moment, the churches are closed to the public but there is still a way to be involved in prayer. Please see the resources below.

1. The Catholic National Shrine and Basilica of Our Lady in England has launched 27/4 live video streaming, featuring the Holy Mass offered three times daily.

Rather than directing people to multiple sources, this seems the most comprehensive, and can be accessed, for those with the internet, at www.walsingham.org.uk

The full schedule is as follows


08.30 - Morning Prayer

09.30 - Holy Mass

10.30 - Talk

11.00 - Rosary

12.00 - Angelus and Holy Mass

Followed by Adoration until 3pm



15.00 - Divine Mercy Chaplet, Benediction and Rosary

15.45 - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

16.00 - Spiritual Reading

17.00 - Vespers



18.00 - Angelus and Holy Mass in Latin

followed by Rosary

20.00 - Compline and Meditation

20.30 - All night Exposition

2. For anyone with Sky TV, EWTN on Channel 588 has a similar schedule with Mass at 12 noon each day





 Monday 23rd March 2020

Dear all,
I hope that you are keeping safe and well. Please remember that schools were closed to make sure that we are all socially distancing wherever possible. It is a good idea to get out in the fresh air but please remember to stay 2m apart from other families/ people.
Staff should have posted some ideas on their class story by the end of the week. Please don't feel overwhelmed with anything they suggest. We are here to help, not to add pressure at this stressful time. It will be best for the children if they have a routine and their behaviour will be better if they know what is happening and what is coming next.
I was trying to attach the parish newsletter, but I can't upload a Publisher document. All masses will still be taking place but behind closed doors. Church will still be open as usual for private personal prayer.
Mrs K





Friday 20th March 2020

Wow! That was an emotional day! 

It was so sad to say goodbye to Year 6. It really struck me when looked out at our assembly and there were so many children missing. We do hope that we will get chance to give the Year proper send off before the Summer holidays. Receiving message from Reception parent about their child's first year at school made me realise that actually that child hasn't yet had first year at school. This strange situation affects everybody.
Thank you for the many positive messages of support we have received over ClassDojo and in person it really does mean lot to know that we are appreciated.
We always say we are family but the staff and children have been absolutely brilliant this week. am so proud of them all and proud to be member of the Our Lady's family.
Thank you to the parents who filled in the forms for requesting childcare provision. have replied over Class Dojo private message to tell you whether you have been offered place or if need more evidence. am going to go "out of office" and will deal with any messages on Monday unless it is an absolute emergency.
Class teachers will keep in touch and set home learning and will provide updates when can.

Take care everyone!
Mrs K



Friday 20th March

Please find attached letter/information relating to child care and key workers.

Please read and return the form to school today (before 2pm) (if applicable). The school will be in touch later today with confirmation.

If you feel you fall into the 'key workers'category and do not have the facility to print out a form please call into the school office as soon as possible today to complete one.

If you have any questions please contact the school office.

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time.

Mrs R Keating




Friday 20th March 2020

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. We really hope that we will be back in before the Summer but just in case - all Y6 who are not self isolating are welcome to have their shirts signed today.

I would like school to act as a food bank drop off point. Any items that are donated will be parcelled up and we can give them out to any of our families who are struggling. We will start this today and will continue while we can until schools re open.

We are compiling a list of pupils eligible to attend school next week. Please get in touch if you feel that might include your children.

We are quite busy trying to get this organised but realise that there are other unanswered questions. I will have other updates in the coming days.




Home Learning

Under our MORE tab at the top of the page you will fine a LEARNING tab.  For additional home learning material there is a variety of options for you to download for your child during this difficult time.



19th March 2020 - update

Please can we ask parents to contact the school by 3pm today if they are BOTH Key Workers. Only Key Workers on the list to call please (see list below). Proof may be requested.
KEY WORKERS include: -
NHS Staff
Fire Service
Supermarket Delivery Drivers
Supermarket Workers
The list above is not exhaustive so if you feel you should be included please can you contact the school ASAP to discuss.
Thank you for your support in this difficult time.




19th March 2020

 A message from Father John
Dear Parents,
You will, no doubt, have heard via the media yesterday, that the Bishops of England and Wales have decided to suspend all public liturgies in the Catholic Church for the duration of the current pandemic.
A copy of the Guidance issued yesterday is attached.
You will see that this includes the celebration of the 1st Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, which we are advised to defer until such a time as the Public Health authorities deem is safe for us to gather as a community once again.
I regret to inform you that, on this basis, the Sacramental celebrations due to take place in May/June are to be postponed until later in the year.
I recognise that this will come as a great disappointment to you, and your children, but hope you will understand the reasons for this decision.
With my prayers and blessing for the wellbeing of all your family,
Fr John Gorman
Parish Priest

Guidance Literature




18th March - further update

Dear Parents,

I am sure that many of you will have seen/heard the news about schools closing from Friday. Other comments within the announcement have led to more questions than answers.

We have been asked to keep schools open for children of Key workers and vulnerable children. Initial guidance on key workers was given but I have been told that further guidance will be given to us tomorrow. Following this clarification, we will need to compile a list of which children are eligible and indeed, if their parents want this facility.

I know that some families will have concerns about being able to afford to feed their children during this school closure. Again, we have been given some initial information but clearer guidance and local arrangements will be shared with us in the coming days. As I get more concrete information, I will provide an update.

Our Lady's school is a family and we care for all of our individual families. I will repeat that you should not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns about your child or any of our children. Please keep me updated if there are significant changes in health within your families so that we can be ready to support our children on their return.

With the advice on social distancing it will be difficult to stay in touch properly but I am sure that many of you will be in touch with each other on social media. Perhaps now may be the time for swapping numbers with parents of your children's friends (if you haven't already) so that the children can keep in touch with each other. There are likely to be difficult times ahead and the children need to feel connected too even though they won't be allowed to mix with each other.

Thank you again for all your support. Stay safe and well everyone.

Mrs K




18th March 2020

Dear Parents,

Those of you following the news will have heard that schools in Wales and Scotland are to close from this Friday. We are expecting an announcement from the government tonight and that may include that schools in England will also close.

Today has been the most difficult so far because I could not get a supply teacher for the Y4/5 class and so the 19 children who were present in that class have been shared between the other classes. There are 73% of children in school today - roughly the same figures as yesterday.

We are expecting Mrs. Lea into school on Thursday and Mrs. Hurst on Friday so this will ease the pressure on staff a little. We will however be sharing the Y4/5 class and the Y6 class between other classes tomorrow. Hopefully it will just be Year 6 who are shared out on Friday.

The staff team have been pulling together and are doing an excellent job in very difficult circumstances and I can't thank them enough. Mrs Dawson (working from home due to self isolation) has downloaded and sent home learning packs to the printer for each year group. These are being sent home today. If your child is absent we can send them home with another child or you can send someone to collect the pack for you.

As I have said before, this is an unprecedented and rapidly changing situation. Unless government guidance changes or more staff are unable to come in, we will be open for the rest of the week. I have been able to book two supply teachers for next week which will bring the classes closer to normality (if nothing else changes).

In the event of a closure, I have asked teachers to keep in touch with their classes over Class Dojo. Updates will also be posted on the school website for anyone who doesn't have Class Dojo or in case it goes down. I will also keep in touch with you in this way. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me over Class Dojo if you have concerns for your child and I will help in any way I can.

You will have been sent passwords for Maths Whizz and Giglets (online reading material with comprehension activities) and more details are likely to follow via Class Dojo and the website. Many companies are providing free access to their resources during this time and so I will post details about this also.

Thank you once again for all of the support we have received. Please stay safe and support each other through this difficult time. We are thinking of you all and of our colleagues who are vulnerable or have family members who are ill. Unless anything changes in the announcement tonight we will see those who can come to school tomorrow.

Mrs K



17th March 2020

Dear Parents, 
Thank you for your messages of support. I would like to provide what reassurance I can. None of our staff members are showing symptoms including those who are self isolating. We do have a number of pupils absent due to them or their family members having symptoms. Our absence levels are not yet critical for pupils and we still have no confirmed cases.
I would ask that those families who are self isolating keep us updated with the severity of symptoms so that we can react based on the best information we have.
We have enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures in place. Anyone with symptoms will not be allowed in school for 14 days. We are restricting visitors and cancelling extra events/ after school activities.
Headteachers are being asked to keep schools open at the moment. As I said in my Class Dojo post last night, the safety of the staff and pupils and their families is my utmost priority. If I feel that closing the school is necessary then that is what will be done. Staff are being provided with work to do from home if they are not in. 
I will be in class myself this afternoon but we are co-ordinating work to be done at home in the event of a closure or for any self isolating pupils.
While we remain open, it is entirely your decision if you feel it is safe for your child to come to school if they are well. As a school we are doing everything we can to follow government guidelines and keep our children safe.
We will be keeping in touch over Class Dojo and here on the website for those who don't access Class Dojo.
It is a very difficult and worrying time for everyone but I ask you to be sensible, follow government guidelines and try to support each other as much as you can.
Stay safe and well everybody.
Mrs K



Please note that ALL our After School Clubs have been cancelled until the end of term when we will review the situation.



The school are currently not providing snacks for the children so please bring in a snack from home.  We are limiting the number of people coming into school so no volunteers are currently making our morning toast. Juice and milk will still be available to purchase.