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Reading Celebration Week 1st March

Next week is our annual reading celebration week which we will be carrying out remotely. There are lots of exciting activities planned throughout the week for your child to take part in at home. Some of the activities that have been planned are: 
The Masked Reader Each day, there will be videos uploaded to the Class Dojo story of a ‘masked reader’ from the Our Lady’s staff team. Your task is to try and guess who it is! There will be a worksheet provided in your home learning packs to write down your guesses for each day. The teachers behind the masks will be revealed on Friday 5th March. 
Extreme reading we are encouraging all children to engage in ‘extreme reading’ at some point during the week. This could be reading upside down, on a swing, underneath the bed - the sillier the better! Take a picture of your extreme reading and upload it your child’s portfolio. This will be made into a collage at the end of the week so you can see all your friend’s extreme reading. 
World Book Day (4th March) We are encouraging all pupils to get dressed up as their favourite book character. During the day, staff will hold a live session on Microsoft teams. During the session, you will have an opportunity to share your favourite book with your classmates. More details to follow during the week! 
I hope you enjoy the activities that have been planned and thank you for your continued support.

Miss Cowap